Spectrum Communications carries several different makes, models and types of accessories to augment your
two-way radio system. Explore our lines of different accessories below.
Please call for a quote or for more information on any of the product lines you see below.

Impact offers aftermarket specialty audio products to enhance the operation of your two-way radio equipment. Specialty bank chargers are also available.

David Clark Company offers headset devices for mobile and portable radio equipment to enhance radio operations in noisy environments.

Firecom offers headset solutions for mobile and portable radio equipment specifically designed for Firefighters. Wireless systems are also available.

Pyramid Communications offers vehicular repeater solutions enhancing portable coverage on an emergency scene utilizing the mobile radio installed in the emergency vehicle or a stand alone portable repeater. In-band solutions are also available.

Zetron offers dispatch console solutions and ancillary communication site equipment such as trunking radio contollers, repeater controllers and multi-tone panels for community repeater systems.

Tram Browning offers mobile and base antennas. We stock several different models of Tram mobile antennas.

Comtelco offers several different mobile and base antennas. From low profile mobile antennas to high gain base station antennas, we have all in stock.

IDA Corporation offers remote control solutions of your base station radios from conveniently located handsets wired and installed throughout your building.

Power Products offers aftermarket battery solutions for your portable two-way radio transceivers.

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